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About Us

Who We Are

Raven Patrol is your exclusive point of contact for backcountry adventure anywhere in the world. The team at Raven Patrol are big mountain skiers who love to explore new zones. We realized that most of our trip planning consisted of Internet search, network mining and luck. If we hadn’t visited a zone already, or didn’t have connections in the area, it was difficult to know just what kind of operator, terrain and culture would be waiting for us when we arrived.

We thought that we could do better: we set out to create a single point of contact for unique backcountry travel anywhere our clients wanted to go, to remove the guesswork and reduce the amount of time spent on organizing a trip.

How We Work

We have close relationships with guides, pros and operators around the world. We’ve skied with most of them in the backcountry, and we have a great understanding of how each works. So when you reach out to us, we can draw on our network to match you with the best fit for your goals.

Not only that, if you are the type to chase pow at the last minute, our relationships ensure that we know who has last minute spots on upcoming tours and where the best conditions to ski right now are.

No matter what you are looking for, every trip starts with you getting in touch. After we get a chance to learn a bit about you and your goals, we’ll give you a call and we can start coordinating your trip. Expect the process to take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on what kind of itinerary you are looking for.

The Patrol Team

Co-Founders Sarah and Chris both grew up in South Boston and the White Mountains of NH. They have been friends since they were eight years old and have chased one another around the rink, harbor and mountain in their pursuit of high speed hijinx.

Sarah’s background starting and later representing companies as a corporate finance attorney is complemented by Chris’s successful career in industrial supply sales. And while they are quite good at working within the confines of the corporate world, exploration and travel are what really inspire them.

So after getting a bit antsy in an office setting, they decided their corporate skills were better applied in the mountains. They love working on a project that lets them apply themselves to creating a better experience for people like them.




Winter 2018

Japan: Touring the House of the Rising Sun

Spring 2018


Summer 2018

Chile: Sled Access Ski Touring

Backcountry Education



Adventure Practice:

Adventure Practice:

Our Clients:


We tend to work with advanced and expert skiers who are comfortable with skiing all of the pisted terrain at their home resort. However, more important than your skill level is your ability to communicate with us your goals for your trip. If this is your first backcountry trip, you should be prepared to ski in unmarked terrain, carrying a backpack, and bootpacking or skinning for a minimum of 20 minutes uphill. DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL TRAINING? “Need”? No, not technically. All of our guides, pros and providers offer basic orientation in avalanche safety. However, as for our own crew, we always prefer to ski with folks who’ve had at least AIARE Level 1 training. That’s why we try to offer AIARE classes in a range of locations.For more information about upcoming classes, just ask.


Many of our guides, pros and providers can rent you avalanche safety equipment, including backpack, avalanche beacon, shovel and probe. However, if you are planning to make this a way of life (who wouldn’t!), it is more convenient to purchase your own: you have the opportunity to learn how the equipment works and get comfortable using it. Head over to our partner where we’ve worked together to offer what we think is a perfect first time backcountry kit.


Again, it's hard to tell you exactly what you need to do without knowing where you want to go and what your personal goals are, but generally, the folks who want to get in the backcountry are a hard charging bunch who have pretty on point technical skills - while you don’t need to be able to huck cliffs, you should definitely be able to ski in control all the time, which can include navigating narrow spaces and jump turning steep pitches. If you're a fitness geek: We spend a lot of our time working on cardiovascular fitness for the uphill and eccentric strength for the downhill. Just saying. But regardless of your skill as a skier, if you want to get into the backcountry, we can work with you to find an opportunity consistent with your skills and your goals.

The Experience:


“We” don’t operate anywhere. If you work with us to put together an itinerary, we will match you up with the very best guides in the business and make sure that we do everything in our power to set you up for the trip of the season. But we aren’t guides, and if you happen to see us on a trip we’ll be stoked to have you in our crew, and have a beer at the end of the day, but that’s about it.


A word from our lawyers: Skiing and snowboarding are inherently dangerous sports. Backcountry skiing and snowboarding is significantly more dangerous because you can be a significant distance away from help. You are accepting that fact and organizing any backcountry trip at your own risk. The less lawyerly way of saying the same thing is that while all of the guides and pros we work with have significant exerience in the backcountry and operate pursuant to strict safety guidelines, accidents happen and you should be as prepared as possible to mitigate any such accident when skiing and riding in the backcountry. Simply put, you don’t. No one can.


We do not run our own trips or tours or whatever you’d like to call an organized collection of people going to shred the same area. If you come to us with a big group, we can help you organize an itinerary around where and when you want to go. If you come to us solo, we can find you the best options for the places and dates that you want to be gone. If you don’t care when you go, we might be able to find you some pretty killer experiences as a reward for your flexibility.

Other interests?


Ready to plan your next adventure?

We are always happy to hear from clients old and new about what they want to do next. To get started fill out the form on the right or feel free to give us a call, shoot us an email or even write us a letter. All of our relevant info is below.

If you are an operator interested in working with Raven Patrol please indicate that in your message and we’d be happy to chat about your operation!




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